Services/Construction Service

Professional restoration and façade renewal
The Construction Service division of Keller Systeme AG has many years of experience in façade restoration. We originally started with facing block façades and now offer an extensive range of services.

Our services (for private and commercial):

Restoration of facing block and clinker brick masonry (façade renovation / façade renovation)

Restoration of exposed concrete and natural stone

Restoration of protected facing block or clinker brick structures

Renovation of old buildings (reconstruction)

Renovate / repair building façades

Energy efficiency improvements to façades (composite clinker brick system)

Joint renovation on façades

Façade finishing work

Our strengths:

Many years of experience

High level of flexibility

Extensive expertise

Extremely quality conscious

Open to new challenges

The Keller Group has its own brickworks for specific post-productions

The façade-cleaning experts

There is a real art to the professional cleaning of façades, whether they are old or new – and we have mastered it perfectly! Thanks to our state-of- the-art cleaning techniques and environmentally friendly tools, we make sure that the work is carried out efficiently and to an excellent standard of quality.




façade cleaning:

Cleaning of facing block, clinker brick masonry, concrete and natural stone façades

Cleaning of plastered façades

Site clean-up and routine cleaning

Graffiti removal

Remove algae contamination

Façade protection:

Remedial cleaning

Treatment of façades and masonry to prevent the growth of fungus and algae

Cleaning and protection following vandalism (removal of spray paint/graffiti)

Structural component assembly – experience is key

We offer assembly, planning and production of prefabricated structural components as a complete package. Our one-stop shop ensures that Keller Systeme AG adds value.

In addition to classic Preton façade elements (facing block or clinker brick façades), we also offer installation services for:

  • Concrete and timber façade elements
  • Noise protection walls
  • Thermal insulation
  • ROBmade façades and walls

Consulting services and renovation concepts

Before embarking on a renovation project, it is absolutely essential to seek reputable and comprehensive advice. With our vast experience, we can accompany you right from the start.

Whether you are a property developer, an architect or an engineer, we can devise renovation concepts to make existing façades more energy efficient, and even help with periodic inspections of building envelopes.Similarly, we can produce expert reports on various issues.

For instance, we can measure the amount of moisture in the masonry or analyse the condition of brick and facing block façades.

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