ROBmade is a type of glued masonry that opens up brand new possibilities in façade and wall design.

Create a structure that is truly 3D through building block rotation, open butt joints, vertically offset elements or formation of horizontal and vertical curves. 

ROBmade products

Rotate the bricks a little and generate any pattern you like. We combine our robot-based production process with architectural design software to produce highly original wall and façade elements that can be made from various materials.

By opening up butt joints and rotating individual clinker bricks, the appearance of classic brick wall elements can be completely transformed.


To tap the full potential of robot-based production, design software is an absolute must. BrickDesign software is a plug-in for Rhino that offers tremendous flexibility when designing ROBmade products.Here are a few examples of the designs that can be achieved.


  • Free test version for up to 10,000 blocks
  • Full version subject to a licence fee



Element dimensions

Currently applicable maximum dimensions for prefabricated elements:

  • Length 4.00 m
  • Width 0.10 m – 1.30 m (max. horizontal curves)
  • Height 2.80 m
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