Facing block and brick façades

Whatever façade system you choose, Keller Systeme AG is your expert contact for all types of facing block and brick façade.


Conventional masonry

With our wealth of experience in conventional masonry, we are a one-stop shop – from the initial planning through to the assembly of structural components and wall elements.

We are happy to advise you on the design and build possibilities with this traditional, high quality and sustainable wall construction.

Prefabricated Preton masonry

Preton wall elements combine the benefits of facing block and brick with efficient prefabrication at the factory. The result is a product that meets the toughest of requirements in terms of quality, design and cost-effectiveness.

Our special production process ensures maximum dimensional accuracy and durability. Production of the elements at the factory guarantees a level of quality and precision that would not be achievable on site.

Masonry façades to suit customer requirements

Looking to construct a brick façade that really stands out from the crowd? If so, we can help you find a solution that will turn your vision into reality.

We have many years of expertise and experience in the use of special liners and form moulds. One of our core skills is the ability to combine brick with concrete.

Composite clinker brick system

The composite clinker brick system consists of rigid polystyrene foam sheets and 14 mm clinker brick strips. These are bonded on to the insulation structure using a thin-bed adhesive that covers the entire surface.

Compared with plastered composite thermal insulation systems, the main advantages are:
- Greater resistance to weathering and damage
- Better noise insulation
- Largely maintenance-free
- System warranty if all system components are purchased and used

Masonry accessories

To complement our wide range of facing blocks and bricks, we also offer all the masonry accessories you need.

An extensive array of accessory products is available, from masonry anchors and bed joint reinforcements through to masonry mortar – all specifically tailored to our products.

Naturally, we also offer accessory products for the composite clinker brick system, including everything from resins with embedding to the joint mortar.

Noise protection wall with acoustic clinker bricks

This noise protection wall is nothing like the conventional unit walls that you usually see. The architecturally versatile design elements can be combined to create custom walls.

These noise protection walls exceed the requirements of the Swiss noise protection ordinance (LSV) and meet the highest aesthetic and design standards.


The system consists of three layers:

- Base course and frame = concrete C25/30 XA1, XD1, XF2
- Sound absorber = mineral wool
- Surface = acoustic clinker brick

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