Concrete façades & shell elements

Concrete elements

It is hard to think of a construction material that offers more architectural freedom and design possibilities than concrete.Simply choose the shape, colour and surface finish you desire to create the façade of your dreams.

We will support you during the shell construction work and deliver the prefabricated elements ‘just-in- time’ to your construction site.


Concrete façades with specific surface finishes

Keller Systeme AG will produce the surface finish based on customer requirements or tender. The basic offer includes the following surface finishes:

- Smooth formwork

- Smooth formwork with specific moulds

- Sand-blasted surfaces (various thicknesses)

- Acid-treated surfaces

- Machining/bush hammering

The image shows an example of a sand-blasted façade of medium intensity.

Other special surface finishes are available on request.

Coloured concrete façades

With our modern concrete plant, we can achieve the exact colour that the customer wants.

However, please note that a check must be carried out in advance to ensure the compatibility of the coloured concrete with the surface protection system.

The image shows an example of a façade where the total cement content is made up of 2% anthracite and 2% yellow pigment.

DIGImade façades

DIGImade allows you to apply any texture to a prefabricated concrete façade.

This digital design method can be used to reproduce patterns, images and textures, making it an easy and cost-effective way of turning architectural ideas and designs into reality. It eliminates the need for repetitive design work and allows you to add elements to the façade. You can select the milling material to create a particular microstructure and thus a specific feel.

Shell elements

Keller Systeme AG offers the following elements:

- Straight staircases

- Staircases with 90° turn

- Staircases with 180° turn

- Balcony slabs

- Parapet elements and roof edge elements

- Window embrasures

- Window sills

- Column elements

We can offer unconventional shapes and elements (such as half spheres, works of art, etc.) on request.




KeX® System earthquake-resistant wall

The unique, virtually ductile, non-reinforced brick wall with high earthquake restistance.

Erecting a KeX®wall
Construction site in Hüntwangen   /  Construction group Leemann + Bretscher AG, Winterthur

Several advantages:

  • High ductility in a brick wall
  • High shear capacity
  • Optimum structural safety in the event of an earthquake
  • Unchanged performance if erected with existing components

KeX® System components:

Brick:                        Calmo  B 17.5 / 14   /   b = 175 mm

Mortar:                      Masonry mortar compressive strength fmk  > 15 N/mm2

KeX®shear element: Abmessung 290/70 mm  /  b =175 mm

Brickwork:                 KeX® brickwork

KeX® System-Bemessungssoftware

Unsere Kex System-Bemessungssoftware erledigt für Sie einfach und sicher den Belastungsnachweis der relevanten Schubwände im Geschoss.

Das Bemessungsprogramm ist eine kostenlose Browsersoftware und als Version 3.19 aufgeschaltet.

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